Feeley Consulting, LLC

Transportation Research and Planning
for the Autism Community 

Feeley Consulting, LLC specializes in transportation planning and research for the Autism Community with our specialized focus on analysis of the various issues in all areas that affect individuals with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder.   We offer a comprehensive analysis from mode choices to trip planning to paratransit access to assistance with travel training programming.  Our mission is to address the transportation and mobility needs of individuals on the autism spectrum with practical, real-world, economically feasible solutions. 

Feeley Consulting, LLC can help you address and alleviate potential challenges for the autistic community in any transportation system.   Our firm provides field-tested analysis, assessment and implementation of local and regional public transportation and paratransit services.  We work with private companies, governmental agencies, non-profit groups and school districts to ensure that all of the autism communities needs are adequately being addressed. 

Click here to view our TransAction Presentation.

Click here to view our 2010 TRB Report Evaluating the Transportation Needs and Accessibility Issues for Adults on the Autism Spectrum in New Jersey as found in the Transportation Research Information Services Database.   

Our consulting service include:

Research Projects:  Our recently completed Evaluating Transportation Needs and Accessibility Issues for Adults on the Autism Spectrum in New Jersey is available upon request.  Our findings have been presented at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC and at the TransAction Conference in Atlantic City.  

Vehicle Operator Training: Now Offering Paratransit and Community Transit Operator Training regarding working with passengers on the autism spectrum and is available in both a 2-hour or 4-hour workshop.  The training provides vehicle operators with the ability to recognize developmental disabilities and autism, tips for interacting with individuals on the spectrum, an overview of communication styles and behaviors, and recognizing problems behaviors and learning de-escalation techniques to maximize the safety of all passengers.  

Paratransit Evaluations:  We offer comprehensive analysis of the usage and obstacles of paratransit services for adults on the autism spectrum.  We can also assist in assessing if services are meeting travel demands.

Travel Training: 
We can assist and advise to ensure that current travel training procedures are being applied appropriately.  Our team can also help to evaluate the skills necessary skills for utilizing various modes. 

Transportation Planning:
Our firm can assist with transportation planning on a local, regional or national level to ensure that all the needs are being met.

Outreach: We can assist your organization in outreach with the Autistic and Autism communities.

Our consultants provide field-tested analysis, assessment, and implementation of local and regional public transportation paratransit services.  

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